Unleash your change potential with Lean Change Agent Foundations workshop !

Are you struggling to lead in these times of uncertainty and complexity?

I enable teams and organisations to breakdown Resistance barriers, build Organisational Change Muscle and strengthen Team Dynamics so that they can be resilient and thrive in fast-paced change.

I achieve this through training, coaching & facilitation of Modern change management, remote ways of working, Management 3.0 and business agility.

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Why impose a solution when you could co-own it with your teams?

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Co-create Team working agreement (virtual) AUG 2024

Each individual and team has their own perspective, personality and their own style of communicating. When we establish a basic set of guidelines for working together, we can remove costly misunderstanding.

​These basic guidelines are not imposed on people. They are intentionally co-designed with the people who are using these guidelines themselves along with their teams.

In this workshop, you will learn :

  • Learn to co-create the Rules of Engagement with your team so that it establishes an acceptable way of working for your team
  • Bring our Meaningful Conversations using the "Team Agreement Canvas" so that you can tap into your own team's collective intelligence and co-create what matters most to the team
  • Visualise the Team's Working Agreement so that it builds trust and provokes difficult conversations sooner
  • Learn and Experience Co-creation first-hand so that you can build team co-ownership and bypass resistance
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Designing Change Experiments (virtual) AUG 2024

Explore the full potential of Lean Change and learn how to use it to navigate uncertainty, experiment with new ideas, and achieve continuous improvement in your organisation. You bring your change challenges. We'll guide you through crafting experiments to solve them.

In this workshop, you will learn :

  • how to craft effective change experiments
  • understand when to nudge, and when to disrupt the status quo
  • how to explore the problem in-depth before jumping to a solution
  • understand why diagnostics are often more important than measurements when it comes to complex change
  • how to shift towards experiment-driven change management
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Management 3.0 Foundation (virtual) SEP 2024

This workshop is a transformative experience where you’ll explore the six key views on organisations - from energising people to empowering teams, aligning constraints to developing competence, growing structure to improving everything!

Unleash your management potential with this Foundation online workshop that's highly interactive, covers theory and practices, and has a strong focus on tools that you can use directly after attending the workshop.

In this workshop, you will learn to :

  • Identify a better approach of how to deal with complexity and uncertainty as a leader
  • ​Increase employee motivation and team collaboration through using Management 3.0 mindset and practices
  • ​Actively influence the six important pillars of organisation
  • ​Identify your own areas of development for your leadership
  • Choose from a toolbox of employee engagement practices for handling various situations with team members, colleagues and your own manager more eloquently
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Lean Change Agent Foundations (virtual) SEP 2024

This workshop is an experience designed to help you take the best ideas from agile, lean startup and design thinking to create an approach to change management that is compatible with your organisation and the change that you are working on.

In this workshop, you will learn :

  • how to actively work on reducing uncertainty, so you can easily work with the constant change around you
  • how to co-create, so you can easily tap into everyone's collective wisdom and solve complex problems
  • ​how to reframe resistance to change, so you can view resistance as something to explore and uncover and not something to overcome
  • how to integrate agile and change management, so you can build your own non-linear, feedback driven approach to change that works in today's fast-paced context of change

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Proven Outcomes


"I've found tremendous value and joy in not just creating the co-agreement but also in the workshop and the way Sarika Kharbanda runs it. It feels like we are playing a board game while learning about each other and creating something together. I recommend her Co-create Team agreements workshop for any team looking to take their team performance to the next level."



"I've gained valuable insights into delegation and team dynamics, improving my ability to communicate and implement effective delegation strategies. If you are looking for a skilled facilitator who can make complex concepts relatable and relevant, I wholeheartedly recommend Sarika's Management 3.0 workshop. It has positively impacted my management style."



"Sarika is a great teacher and facilitator. Her presence and facilitation skills created a safe environment for the participants. The Lean Change Management workshop was extremely engaging even if it was conducted virtually. I would gladly attend any training provided by her as I know I will get out of the training equipped with new knowledge, tools and newfound inspiration. "



As leaders, change agents, managers and coaches in today's world of fast-paced change, we get stuck navigating the uncertainty and complexity that change brings with itself in organisations and teams.

On this channel, we look through different lenses at stories, ideas, interviews, courses and actionable practices to inspire you on your leadership, management and change journeys.

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Picture - Sarika Kharbanda

Sarika Kharbanda

Through my workshops, coaching, and facilitation, I've enabled teams & organisations nudge change forward by equipping them with toolkits & mindset needed in their context and role.

I am a change agent and change hacker who influences organisational culture through artful interventions and believes and lives with being comfortable with uncertainty and complexity and exploring ways to reduce it.

I train and coach globally in the spaces of Modern change management, Remote ways of working, Management 3.0 and Business agility.  

I am passionate about conversations with global practitioners & thought leaders. I'm the host of the podcast "Perspectives of change".

I have been speaking at international conferences: Spark the Change Toronto, Agile People conference Sweden, Australasian Change Days, Agile Online Summit, Forward Summit with Management 3.0.

I am the organiser and conference chair of Spark the Change India and Business agility India.

I am also the co-author of the book "Agile People Principles - Your call to action for the future of work".

For any inquiries on Training products or customised offerings, write2me@sarikakharbanda.com



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Why impose a solution when you could co-own it with your teams?

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